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Omni Wheel 2 ( Black )

Omni Wheel 2 ( Black )
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Omni Wheel 2 ( Black )

Omni directional wheels are special wheels with free rotating

rollers around the circumference to the main wheel. The rolling

direction of rollers is perpendicular to the main wheel and

so the wheel can easily move in forward-backward and sideways.

The rollers are arranged around the circumference in a way that

at any point of time atleast one roller touches the ground. This wheel

comes with 8 rollers- 4 on each side. Rollers coated with durable

high quality rubber which helps in getting a good grip over the ground.

The ability of moving in any direction of the omniwheels allows the

design of the robot which can move in any direction without taking

turns or rotating. This kind of robot requires minimum 3 omni wheels.

Omni wheels are also oftenly used as castors for big size robots.


  • Effective Diameter: 77mm
  • Wheel Width: 33mm
  • Shaft Hole Diameter: 12mm
  • Number of rollers: 6
  • Weight: 85grams
  • Load capacity: 6.5Kg
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Omni Wheel 2 ( Black )
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Omni Wheel 2 ( Black )
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Omni Wheel 2 ( Black )
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