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TX-1C 51 microcontroller development board

TX-1C 51 microcontroller development board
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TX Series MCU development board 51 can be fully used as a variety of microcontroller experimental board, with its assembly language or C programming language. When STC's microcontroller, the direct use of the product suite with the serial cable is connected to development board and the computer serial port, operating in accordance with STC download tutorial microcontroller can download the program, and the download speed faster than other multi-download tool.
TX-1C experiment board basic configuration
  1,89 C52 MCU, USB port or serial port supports two download program mode, that is, you do not buy a microcontroller programmer can program the program at any time to see your piece you write programs yard situation.
  2,6-bit digital control (for dynamic scanning and static display experiment).
  3,8 digit LED light emitting diode (light water experiments to do).
4, MAX232 chip RS232 communication interface (which can be used as communication interface with a computer can also download the program as STC microcontroller interface).
 5, USB power supply system, directly plugged into the computer USB port to provide power, without the other then the DC power supply.
  6, buzzer (sound chip do the experiment).
7, ADC0804 chip (do analog to digital conversion experiments).
  8, DAC0832 chip (digital-analog conversion experiments to do)
  9, PDIUSBD12 chip (USB device development, such as single-chip read U disk, U disk homemade, homemade MP3, etc. This chip can also transfer data to computer and microcontroller).
  10, USB to serial port module, directly from the computer USB port to download the program to the microcontroller.
  11, DS18B20 temperature sensor, (preliminary master microcontroller programming operation can be personally informed of the prevailing temperature).
12, AT24C02 chip for external EEPROM (IIC bus device experiment)
13 character LCD 1602 interface.  (Can display two lines of characters)
  14, 12864 graphic LCD interface (display any characters and graphics)
  15,4 * 4 matrix keyboard plus four independent keyboard (keyboard test test).
  16, microcontroller 32 IO port all the leads, to facilitate the free expansion of their own.
  17, locking device, very easy to install and dumping of the main chip to take
  18, most of the components used SMD package, effectively saving system space.  Choose the software components of the strobe, no jumper jumper, with a strong integrated system.
  19, CD-ROM containing all the routines in this experiment board.  Donated all the software, all schematics, detailed experimental

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